Personal Combustible Gas Detector XA-380


Gas Detected : Methan, Iso-butane, or Hydrogen (Please specify)

Detection Principle : Catalytic combustion

Very compact and light-weight personal type gas detector with long battery life.


*34 hours or more of continuous operation with a single AAA battery (when used in long-life mode)

*Compact and light-weight

Pocket-size. 40 (H) x 86 (W) x 20(D) mm. only 63g.

*Alarm memory function

Can review up to 30 alarm events.

*Sounding alarm, two flashing lights and vibrations

*Degree of Protection is equivalent to IP54

Splash and dust proof. Can be used outdoors on a rainy day.

*Intrinsically safe type explosion proof (Ex ia II CT 3)

Complies with hydrogen explosion proof requirements.