Vision and Mission


PT. Wana Bernad Indonesia always prioritize business activities are integrated and programmed to provide optimum results and customer satisfaction with a good relationship.



PT. Wana Bernad Indonesia active role running the business by supporting the government's program to improve the nation's economy. PT. Wana Bernad Indonesia take role in creating jobs and contributing to building a culture of quality employment and professional. PT. Wana Bernad Indonesia prepare all the standard needs of the company and participate in maintaining the stability of the economy as a result of the free market (free trade).


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Contact Person

1. Catur Wibowo Lelono
 Telp : +62-8158323435
 Telp : +62-81213742627

2. Priyo Adi Wibowo
 Telp : +62-821 24259096
 Telp : +62-815 10070677

3. Nur Iman
 Telp : +62-812 26472294
 Telp : +62-856 40292978

4. Amri Auliya Yahya
 Telp : +62-852 10725871